California Highway 1

Located on the seventeen mile stretch in California, this scene was painted just outside of the famous town of Carmel.  Known by a number of different names such as Pacific Coast Route 1 and Big Sur Coast Highway, California Highway One is a historic scenic drive and one which you will never forget. Internationally known as “One of the world’s best drives,”  the picturesque scenery and cliffside roads are without a doubt a unique experience. I can’t think of a combination of sea, mountains and beauty in the world although I’m sure they exist. Nevertheless, the combination of natural surroundings and the towns which seem like fairy-tale locations are no accident. Much of Hollywood’s elite made homes here. From Carmel it’s on to Garrapata State Park, Bixby Bridge, and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in Big Sur. The mountainside drop-off from the road leads right to the Pacific Ocean. You can experience the giant redwood groves, the huget waves crashing on rough rocks. This is an absolute must. 


17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach

The Pebble Beach drive is known as being another one of the world’s most scenic drives. This 17-mile landmark of a road begins at the bottom of Ocean Avenue in Carmel–world-renowned golf courses and inns at Pebble Beach–and many coastline splendors like the Del Monte Forest. A fee is required to actually enter the forest, but it is worth it!


Scenic Drive Through Carmel

Carmel!. I spent a few hours here and although I didn’t get to see much, the general character of the people and the town was something that only your soul could absorb. From the diverse art and culture in Carmel to the many restaurants in the area. The further you head down the road, the more beaches and ocean vistas you pass. Nearby are the gates of Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch.When I was their I stopped in at the Hog’s Breath Restaurant, which Clint owned. I was hoping to see him, but later I heard from a lovely young lady that he didn’t own the restaurant anymore. She then matter-of-factly directed me to another place where she said he hung out! It was like just a regular guy in town!  Drive for 1 mile up Highway One North, take Ocean Ave exit and you are back into Carmel downtown district, much-lauded downtown district.