About Me!

Justine has been creating art all of her life. Her parents could keep her happily occupied when out to dinner by turning the placemat over and giving her a pencil with which she would draw. Art was always the favorite subject in school. She started using acrylic paints to experiment on wood and canvas at the age of 10. Her only formal training was several years of night school at the locally famous Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, CT where she grew up.

Painting in acrylic on canvas, she has won multiple awards from entering local shows in San Diego, her present hometown.

Justine paints in acrylic using a variety of techniques. Starting with a series of photographs, she makes composite preliminary sketches using the best of each photo. Once the final drawing has been executed to scale, she uses a graphite transfer paper attached to the canvas. The drawing is placed over the canvas/graphite paper and transferred by going over the original drawing, thus transferring the meticulous drawing onto the canvas.

Usually a wash in warm colors is applied first. Blocks of color go on next, starting from dark to light, back to front. Wet on wet, blending, dry brush, scumbling and washes are the techniques most often used.

“I like acrylic for several reasons; They dry quickly, yet one can still get amazing depth and color by using many thin layers without waiting for each layer to dry, as in oil paints. When I want to blend, I can use a drying retardant (water will work fine) to slow the drying time – Or, just blend the light to shadow in the style of the old “paint-by-numbers” kits; Sort of like organized Impressionism!”