Canfield Island from Covelee Peninsula – 
14” X 11”
This painting feels like it is embedded in my genetic make-up. It is the view as I would stand positioned, facing out to Long Island Sound, from the berm where I would often walk, several hundred yards from the house where I grew up in Norwalk, CT. 
This is a deep winter scene. The “water skiing” channel has been frozen. No leaves remain on distant trees. Marsh grass is golden; dead, waiting for signs of Spring to begin the green anew.
It was painted from the nudge of memory by an old, faded photo taken many years ago and embellished with the colors, textures, smells and sounds of my memories of those long ago days in a time and physical location that will always be a part of my soul.
A lone white Egret hunts the marsh. It was one of my father’s favorite indigenous birds.