Quinta Monasterio Vinicola – 12″X16″
Several months ago, in the wine growing region of Valle Guadalupe, Ensenada, Mexico, we stumbled across this winery accidentally.
The granddaughter of this winery’s original builder intended his private home to reflect the peace, serenity and stability of a monastery.
After the passing of the grandfather, the children decided to grow grapes, make wine and open it to the public.
I loved the “feel” of this winery so much, I wanted to try and paint it. 
The sunlight arches on the stone floor of the portico are fully from imagination. Our first visit, the sun had already passed over the eastern part of the structure that would show the sun arches. The second visit, it was cloudy. 
Once again, I post a newly completed painting and I feel as if I am screaming for attention.
It is with grateful humility I post his now.